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What our clients say

Below are just some of the things that our amazing clients have said about the impact working with ROM has had on themselves, their business, their team and their vision.

As some of the work we do is either personally or commercially sensitive, some of our testimonials are anonymous. However we can arrange for you to speak with clients who have tackled similar challenges to yours.

Working with ROM has given us 25% growth per annum. This is enabling me to fulfil personal ambitions and live the life I want. My role is immensely rewarding as we continue to realise our business goals, in providing a professional, strategic and exciting environment for the Board and all our staff.
Andrew Bussey
Director, Smithers Purslow

We adopted the ROM Executive Mentoring and Coaching service initially for myself when I was Group CEO, but then widened it to the senior management team shortly afterwards. All the team found it to be massively beneficial and we would recommend it to any forward-thinking organisation. The programme was an invaluable support in development of the Group, particularly the senior team. The sessions were stimulating, dynamic and supportive and really tailored around us.

Caroline's expertise is absolutely market leading and her insight to personal drivers etc and their application to the business is bordering on the supernormal. Her support extends to issues that can crop up between sessions, providing immediate resource and support. It is always strategic, informed, powerful and consistent.

Our organisation flourished during and since the mentoring and coaching contract and we still share thoughts and ideas even now. We really feel ROM is a part of our team and we look to them as a priority for guidance and support for our business."

Jon Whiteley
Consultant & Non-exec Director ProAktive
We commissioned Caroline to launch our new Mindfulness for Leaders programmes and they have been very successful. This is largely down to Caroline’s warm, engaging style, coupled with her background in organisational growth and development. She was one of the first people to be accredited in the UK for ‘mindfulness in a workplace setting’ and this shines through.
Kristy Rowlett FCIPD
Talent L & D Manager, Wesleyan Assurance Society
I chose to work with Caroline because she has a wealth of experience in business so she understood the challenges I was facing and because she has an accredited qualification in mindfulness and has specific experience of using mindfulness in business... I could see an impact straight away and I was so impressed with the benefits, I asked Caroline to run a session with my whole team and it's sparked good conversations with each other and our clients.
Sophie Howe
MD, Comtec Translations
Caroline has provided our Water Brands Group with expert business support. She has helped our company to fully understand the pressures existing within the current climate and has worked proactively with myself to facilitate and encourage the best from both the management team and colleagues. Caroline has demonstrated intuition and tenacity towards helping achieve our goals, which was both inspirational to me personally and also fundamental in determining the strategic direction of the business to promote growth.
James Cain OBE
Chief Executive | Harrogate Water Brands
Caroline worked closely with Ault's to devise and implement a succession plan. My own sessions with her were invaluable providing a really good sounding board. Caroline provides a safe and inspiring environment, an opportunity to think, and the confidence to move my ideas for the business to action.
Mark Wedgbury
Managing Director | Ault Insurance Brokers
Caroline is an experienced and very capable business coach and mentor. She develops empathy with her clients requiring objective feedback and is a trustworthy confidant to talk to.
Nigel Maris
Partner & Owner | Assembled Electronics
I have used ROM on a number of assignments and worked with Caroline in a personal coaching role. I found her support very professional and she has an intuitive understanding of the dynamics of working in an Executive environment.
Simon Russell
CEO | Leiths (Scotland) Ltd
This course has made a genuine difference in my performance at work. It has provided tools and techniques that allow a fresh approach to situations at work.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I’ve learned how to stay focused and centred when emotive subjects are being discussed. If keeping your head when others are losing theirs is a skill that leaders should practice, then this course provides a platform to achieve this.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
It has helped me to focus better at work and in times of stress/pressure. I have learned how to be more aware of what is going on both in my own body/mind, and to use simple techniques to re-set.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I used to process my day in my head on the commute home and feel exhausted – I now use my commute to do mindful walking or listen to a meditation, arriving home fresh and relaxed.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I am confident that my new awareness will help me become a better person/leader at work and my team will benefit as a result of me listening to them more and being in the moment/fresh.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I feel more able to focus on a single task at a time which means I am completing work in a more focused way.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I am able to stop and listen to my team when they raise queries with me and get back on track quicker.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I feel better able to handle my stress levels by breathing and giving myself permission to take a moment.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I have a better relationship with my son, as I am more ‘present’ and less stressed.
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace
I am able to contain some of my 'worse' thoughts about situations, by reminding myself that "thoughts are not facts.”
A leader on Mindfulness in the Workplace