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Mindfulness: The 3-Step Breathing Space

Purpose: the breathing space provides a way to step out of automatic pilot mode and reconnect with the present moment.

1. Acknowledging

Bring yourself into the present moment by deliberately adopting a dignified posture. Then ask:

What is going on with me at the moment?”

Notice and acknowledge your experience, instead of turning away. Accept your experiences in the body, emotions and thoughts, and stay with them for a few moments, allowing any negative feelings or experiences to be present.

2. Gathering

Place both feet flat on the floor to ground you. Then gently focus your full attention in to the breathing. Experience fully each in-breath and each out-breath as they follow one after the other. The breath can function as an anchor to bring you into the present and to help you tune into a state of awareness and stillness.

3. Expanding Awareness

Expand your awareness around the breathing to the whole body, and the space it takes up, as if your whole body is breathing. Have a sense of the space around you, too. Hold everything in awareness- your thoughts, emotions and body sensations. Put out the ‘welcome mat’ for whatever is there- make lots of space and breathe in and out of the whole body and what’s there for you. 

This sequence is rather like an egg timer shape. Wide focus, followed by narrow focus, followed by wide.