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Turbo Charge Your Board

Turbo Charge Your Board is a series of 4 interactive, results-oriented workshops designed for leaders of forward thinking SME businesses

As on sailing a yacht, a business has a start point and an end vision – in between, the territory is often uncharted and the Skipper may change tack to alter the course of the yacht many times to reach the target destination.  Likewise success or failure of a business is reliant on the senior management’s ability to recognise the need for KEY decisions (often in an uncertain territory), make those decisions in a timely fashion and execute them efficiently.  And, at the same time we must stay alert and attentive to the variables surrounding the decision and refining actions accordingly. 

This is a demanding environment requiring skills, training, expertise and practise.  How do you master the skills of effective decision making whilst still keeping your team on course?

We can help:

Sharpen up the decision making process in your organisation by focusing on:

  • Critical preparation
  • Analysis without paralysis
  • Are you focusing more on conformance or performance?
  • 6 key criteria for decision making
  • Balances and checks, where do we get them?
  • Building a decision making culture throughout the organisation


The 3 hour session takes place with you and/or your executives at a time to suit you.  This is perfect as a stand-alone workshop or a 1 hour inspirational mini session as a precursor to your next Board meeting.

Your speaker

This session is delivered by Caroline Suggett, founder and MD of ROM.  Caroline has over 20 years experience as a strategic business consultant working with Boards and one-to-one as an Executive coach to support and develop leaders at the top of the organisation.

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