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Developing a resilient board

Turbo Charge Your Board

Turbo Charge Your Board is a series of 4 interactive, results-oriented workshops designed for leaders of forward thinking SME businesses

Being a business leader right now is challenging, at best.  The pace of change – whether the economy, markets, product cycles and the nature of the way we do business – is increasing.  Some of us feel frustration and uncertainty.  With everything getting faster, as leaders we need to constantly evolve just to keep up.

What every business needs to survive and thrive is a senior team that is at the top of their game: energised, clear thinking, healthy and resilient.  A team that is able to move quickly and adapt to conditions.

We can help

This session allows you to step off the treadmill.  It will help you to create space to look at what’s getting in the way and will guide you in devising a way forward for building a resilient senior team.

You will discover insights to develop your:

  • Emotional resilience – increase self-awareness including personal values, personality style, feelings, behaviour patterns, relationship skills
  • Physical resilience – the poewr of mind and body working together: health, managing stress, increasing energy, developing fitness
  • Cognitive resilience -positively control and direct your thoughts, increase clarity, solutions thinking.


This 1 day session takes place with you and/or your executives at a time to suit you.

Your speaker

This session is delivered by Caroline Suggett, founder and MD of ROM.  Caroline has over 20 years experience as a strategic business consultant working with Boards and one-to-one as an Executive coach to support and develop leaders at the top of the organisation.

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