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Company lifecycles – at what stage is yours

Turbo Charge Your Board

Turbo Charge Your Board is a series of 4 interactive, results-oriented workshops designed for leaders of forward thinking SME businesses

Every business, like a living organism, has a natural lifecycle.  It goes through expected patterns of behaviour as it grows and develops.  At each stage of new development the company faces a unique set of challenges.  How well or poorly executives address these challenges has a significant impact on whether the business has a healthy transition from one stage to another – and ultimately whether it succeeds or fails.

We can help

This session enables you to take control by understanding

  • What stage your business is at
  • Key indicators and what they mean
  • Effective action to take at each stage which supports growth
  • How to get to Prime, and stay there


The 3 hour session takes place with you and/or your executives at a time to suit you.  This is perfect as a stand-alone Workshop or a 1 hour inspirational minim session as a precursor to your next Board meeting.

Your speaker

This session is designed and delivered by Caroline Suggett, founder and MD of ROM.  Caroline has over 20 years experience as a strategic business consultant working with Boards and one-to-one as an Executive coach to support and develop leaders at the top of the organisation.