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...and experience, in partnership with ROM Consultancy.

"The construction industry was hit hard by the recession and we knew it was important to seek external support to continue to grow the business during difficult times. We didn't have the resource or expertise in-house for focused business development, so we sought external support with ROM. ROM helped us to reposition the business and place more of a focus on the needs and pain points of our varied customer base, so that we could evolve our existing business model. ROM's support in sourcing a new CRM system and the high level telemarketing work they did with us to help us engage with past, existing and potential customers gave us more intelligence on our customers and targets and made it clear that we needed to diversify our services in order to remain a valuable supplier to businesses in the contracting, private and specialist sectors."
Tim Hart | Managing Director | Pyments
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"As a result of implementing a number of strategic processes agreed with ROM we have been able to identify our key skills and clients that need our services. We have been able to use this information and tailor our new business development to these targets. As a direct result we are attracting repeat business as well as new business, and turnover is growing. ROM's strategic telemarketing service was key to this in the early stages."
Andrew Bussey | Director | Smithers Purslow
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"ROM interpreted our needs immediately. They understand civil construction and our needs i.e. building the sales pipeline, building relationships with key decision makers giving us a greater understanding of real opportunities in our region."
John Boal | General Manager | BAM Nuttall
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"ROM is behind you, promoting your business, for the right reasons and in a professional way. The partnership has made me understand the importance of marketing. It's helped me appreciate market intelligence; its importance, what it tells you and how it can be used."
Gary Newport | Director | John Austin & Partners
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"ROM is professional, proactive and hard working. It felt good to have the backing of professionals. ROM added immense value by calling and following up leads and building relationships. This was the consistent approach that we needed."
Peter Warren | Business Development Director | Clegg Group
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"We turned to ROM in order to add some clear direction to our outbound sales calls. Since then, they have become a key part of our strategic plan, greatly enhancing the new business development process with their clarity of focus and tenacity to maximise the call to visit ratio with both existing clients and emerging sectors. Their skill in identifying quality leads and bringing relevant opportunities to us adds value across our organisation"
Robert Alvarez | Sales Director - Commercial | De Boer Structures (UK) Ltd

"Caroline has provided our Water Brands Group with expert business support. She has helped our company to fully understand the pressures existing within the current climate and has worked proactively with myself to facilitate and encourage the best from both the management team and colleagues. Caroline has demonstrated intuition and tenacity towards helping achieve our goals, which was both inspirational to me personally and also fundamental in determining the strategic direction of the business to promote growth."
James Cain | Managing Director | Harrogate Spring Water Ltd

"Caroline worked closely with Ault's to devise and implement a succession plan. My own sessions with her were invaluable providing a really good sounding board. Caroline provides a safe and inspiring environment, an opportunity to think, and the confidence to move my ideas for the business to action. "
Mark Wedgbury | Managing Director | Ault Insurance Brokers

"I cannot speak highly enough of Caroline. Working together has opened my eyes & ears to a whole new world & way of thinking. I'm a better professional thanks to Caroline."
Mark Westgarth | Managing Director, Distribution & Professions | Bluefin

"Caroline is at her very best when she is doing personal coaching. Her insight, teaching and support is quite exceptional and I would recommend her to anyone without the slightest hesitation."
Jon Whiteley | Group Chief Executive | ProAktive Risk Group Ltd

"Caroline is an experienced and very capable business coach and mentor. She develops empathy with her clients requiring objective feedback and is a trust worthy confidant to talk to."
Nigel Maris | Partner & Owner | Assembled Electronics

"The coaching has been great - just empties my brain out, straightens things up, gives me new ways and ideas, I feel re-charged."
Dave Craft | UK & Ireland Business Development Manager | Hochtief Construction Ag

"I worked with ROM Consultancy and I am a total fan!! ROM could open doors for me that I could not have opened myself. Fantastic results, great and detailed reporting, and a complete and comprehensive service package. (If I could I would have ticked all the boxes) If you are looking for strategic new business call Caroline."
Carsten Renken | Director | Kurt Fredrich UK Ltd

"I have used ROM on a number of assignments and worked with Caroline in a personal coaching role. I found her support very professional and she has an intuitive understanding of the dynamics of working in an Executive environment."
Simon Russell | CEO | Leiths (Scotland) Ltd

"ROM Consultancy was engaged by Mansell Construction - part of The Balfour Beatty Group, for a particularly difficult lead generation programme. Not only was the criteria very specific and hence the volume of opportunities low, there was a very focused time frame. Caroline and her team at ROM took up the challenge and delivered a quality of project leads, focusing their communication feedback to ensure Mansell was able to make business decisions from accurate market intelligence."
Stephen Henagulph | Business Development Manager | Mansell

"Caroline helped me see the 'wood from the trees' and to focus on what's important - not always an easy thing to do when you're working flat out in the business. I now take a more strategic approach to business and ensure that my team has the right skills to achieve our goals."
Mark Westgarth | Managing Director, Distribution & Professions | Bluefin

"ROM delivers the optimum in business development. They are professional, knowledgeable, proactive, motivated, cost effective and they share in the client's desire to succeed."
Roger Maycock | Managing Director | Provian Construction
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"We really feel that ROM has become part of our team and we always look to them first for guidance and support on matters."
Jon Whiteley | Group Chief Executive | ProAktive RISK GROUP LTD

"ROM was a professional, enthusiastic and proactive partner. They portrayed a good image of Lycetts in our area and kept our name fresh in the marketplace."
Dave Wishart | Divisional Director | Lycetts Insurance Brokers, Commercial Division

"ROM's passion for a successful project, even when hard to achieve, is what really makes them stand out from the crowd."
Joe Aspey | Managing Director | Risk Analysis Services Ltd

"ROM has the ability to get Provian into unknown territory, gather relevant information and ultimately open doors. I like to meet people at the highest level and ROM recognises this. My meetings are with the people I want to meet."
Peter West | Build Director | Provian Construction
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"ROM is professional, efficient and friendly. This gave us confidence in what we were investing in."
Andrew Bedford | Director | The T F Bell Group Ltd
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"ROM always deliver a professional service and are always very focused on the mission in hand."
Dave Craft | UK & Ireland Business Development Manager | Hochtief Construction Ag

"ROM has given us the skills to monitor, evaluate and guide our sales team to be even more effective and profitable."
Tim James | Director | The T F Bell Group Ltd
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"Working with ROM has resulted in my own personal growth. Their Executive Mentoring programme has also helped me to think more strategically and manage things differently."
Steve Booth | Managing Director | Charterhouse Building Services Consultancy
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"ROM understands our market place and the needs of both our staff and clients. This made the training so appropriate and powerful and this has ensured that it has stayed with us."
Beverley Brown | Director | Atkinson Smith Insurance Brokers

"I have to say that the greatest surprise is the lack of 'selling' we have to do at appointments as the potential clients already have a favourable impression of us... their work has been focused, well researched, persistent and they have excelled at selling our services to potential clients. They are not only professional, but also genuinely nice people to work with."
Mark Whittaker | Business Development Manager | Mono Services
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"ROM's proactive management of our campaign gave us considerable added value over and above other suppliers."
Stuart Rootham | Managing Director | R K Harrison

"We only instructed ROM three months ago and even this early in the relationship, the results have exceeded our most optimistic expectations. They are professional, knowledgeable and – most importantly – persistent in an acceptable way."
David Owen | Director | Mono Services
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"It is testament to the training from ROM that their unique 4 step model concept still prevails in how we do business all these years later and we simply top up on the knowledge with new staff from time to time as appropriate."
Andy Morley | Managing Director | Rixon Matthews Appleyard Insurance Brokers

"ROM has given me more time since I'm personally better at getting in front of the client. ROM helps me free up time... to do more valuable things... ROM is doing a great job since I know how long it takes to get leads and how long it takes to convert them."
Richard Scott | Account Executive | Ault Insurance Brokers

"I felt confident meeting prospects knowing that ROM has initially spoken with them and built the relationship..."
Martin Newman | Interiors Contracts Manager | Dean & Dyball
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