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Are You Communicating To Win?

Skilful communication to win minds of employees, prospects and clients make a profitable difference. People buy people first and companies second – Never more so than in this market where supply is outstripping demand!

As your business grows, your senior management need to be in tune with the company Vision and operate at peak performance. ROM provides interactive, tailored, senior management Coaching, Training and Management Development Programmes ensuring that your key players are focused, motivated, developing and maximising their performance.

  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN YOUR MANAGEMENT – Bring out key skills that deliver your company vision and goals. Cascade employee motivation and focus
  • BRING IN NEW BUSINESS – Watch how your company proactively and strategically seeks and secures opportunities
  • FIND OUT WHAT YOUR PROSPECTS REALLY WANT – Know the communication secrets that are The Difference That Makes The Difference
  • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT – Learn how to stay really close to your clients, give excellent service, maximise business and keep them loyal
  • ADVANCED COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR CROSS-SELLING AND UP-SELLING – Your managers need the skills to identify needs and anticipate client behaviour
  • CREATE CULTURAL CHANGE – Turn every single employee into a proactive, fantastic Company Ambassador, propelling you faster towards your Vision
  • TEAM BUILDING AND ONENESS – Experience lasting benefits throughout your entire company
  • COMPANY AMBASSADORS – Feel empowered that your employees are walking the talk
  • RETENTION OF EMPLOYEES AND KEY STAKEHOLDERS – Through tailored training, skilled and motivated leaders and developing a relationship building culture

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ROM's People Development training is totally tailored to your business. To view some outline examples of ROM's seminars, please click on the following links:-

· Converting With Influence

· The Role Of A Company Ambassador

· Managing Effective Client Relationships (CRM)

· Senior Management & Leadership Coaching

· Communicating With Influence

Working closely with you, ROM facilitates all of the above on your behalf. Get in touch with ROM to explore how we can assist you now.

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