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"Caroline helped me see the 'wood from the trees' and to focus on what's important - not always an easy thing to do when you're working flat out in the business. I now take a more strategic approach to business and ensure that my team has the right skills to achieve our goals."
Managing Director of an Insurance Company

"After 8 years as CEO of a large SME, I became increasingly conscious that the pressure of work was becoming unacceptable and starting to seriously affect my quality of life and might damage my health. I decided to do something about it and devised a plan for the next phase of my career.
I went to ROM to take a sanity check on my plan and seek counsel on both my "symptoms" and my proposed actions. I found the coaching absolutely invaluable, finding angles which gave me real insight and clarity. As a result I successfully implemented a fundamental change to my career and lifestyle – I find myself re-energised, focused, more effective and in a superb position to control my own future."
Chief Executive of a Construction Group

"Caroline's incredible insight into your natural personality and drivers releases powers in you that make you so much more effective. I now want all my Directors to benefit from this expertise"
Chief Executive of an Insurance Risk Management Group

"Working with the ROM executive coaching programme has resulted in my own personal growth, helping me think more strategically and manage things differently.
ROM also mentored our team in these techniques in order for them to have the skills to take the prospect/customer relationship to the next level.
They are highly professional, knowledgeable and – of prime importance to us – confidentiality was demonstrated from the start. "ROM are PARTNERS" in every sense. Although consultants, they have become part of our organisation effectively supporting and inspiring our business."
Founder & Managing Director of a medium sized Construction Company

"I was looking for ways to explore opportunities to develop the business. Initially I felt excited about what would come at the other end of the sessions that would benefit both me as a leader and the business. It was a double benefit because I like new things – and this was new, and it hugely benefited the business. I still use the hand-outs. I really value having gone through the Mentoring, it has helped me change the face of the business – we have grown strategically and we still use Caroline's techniques today..."
Chief Executive of an Insurance Group

"Gives me time out for personal mentoring from an isolated position at the top of the pyramid. The sessions provide space in a busy schedule to 'Blue Sky' the businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and fundamentally helps me to identify why I am doing this and how the business can help me achieve my own goals."
Founder & Managing Director of an Architectural Practice

"Caroline has a very good way of communicating; she is also a good listener. She has the ability to draw out relevant issues and she very quickly understood my needs. The sessions were very rewarding – I felt good after them. There was a lot of value and I came out in a better frame of mind – and with a proactive plan!
I came away believing that communication is everything; having the ability to stay in adult and how to keep things at a positive level. I was learning new techniques every time and had to go away and practice, thinking to myself "why didn't I do it this way before!"
The sessions were very successful for me. I came away having got everything off my chest and being prepared for what lay ahead. I found renewed energy and focus."
Managing Director of an Insurance Broker

"The Mentoring programme was enlightening, individualised and personalised. It was so relevant to me and the organisation, therefore it was more engaging and powerful."
Regional Managing Director of a large Contractor

"We adopted the ROM Executive Mentoring and Coaching service in 2005 initially for our CEO, but then widened it to the senior management team shortly afterwards. All the team found it to be massively beneficial and we would recommend it to any forward thinking organisation.
The programme was an invaluable support in development of the Group, particularly the senior team. The sessions were stimulating, dynamic and supportive and really tailored around us. Caroline's expertise is absolutely market leading and her insight to personal drivers etc and their application to the business is bordering on the supernormal. Her support extends to issues that can crop up between sessions, providing immediate resource and support. It is always strategic, informed, powerful and consistent.
Our organisation flourished during and since the mentoring and coaching contract and we still share thoughts and ideas even now. We really feel ROM is a part of our team and we look to them as a priority for guidance and support for our business."
Chief Executive of a Broking Group

"The coaching provided by ROM was one of the most life changing processes I have ever undertaken. I have developed personally and in my business dealings and as a result I have been able to utilise a lot of the tools provided in my working environment, specifically in strategic thinking and interpersonal skills. I would have no hesitation in recommending ROM and the Coaching to other companies"
Managing Director of a Quantity Surveying Practice

"I have likened the experience of working with Caroline to gradually peeling away the layers of an onion and looking at oneself in a realistic way and realising that, although you cannot always change what others do, you really can change yourself and achieve better things."
Managing Director of an Insurance Group

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