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09/09/2014 | Succession Planning For A Strong, Successful Business:

Succession Planning For A Strong, Successful Business:

The ongoing strength, stability and success of a business is dependent on the Directors/Partners having an overall view at all times of key roles and key activities, and ensuring that these are consistently thriving and delivering.

A great succession and exit plan is vital to achieve this and proactively avoids gaps and vulnerabilities which could undermine company profile, performance and results. It allows natural exits e.g. retirement, to be a planned for, positive experience for everyone involved. It also provides successors with key skills and understanding of the new role in time for them to confidently step into their new position.



1) Do you currently have a written company Succession & Exit Plan?

2) If so, does it reflect the current organisation and its’ employees – is it up to date?

3) What are your top 3 business objectives over the next 1-3 years?

4) What have you been doing during the last year to develop and coach the people in your company who have the highest potential?

5) How do you know that these people have the ability/competency necessary to succeed at the next level?

6) What are you doing to address their development needs to ensure they step up to the next level with the appropriate skills and knowledge to hit the ground running?

What to do next.....

Contact Caroline Suggett on:-

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Or go to:-

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I look forward to talking with you soon to discover how a good Succession & Exit Plan can be a powerful platform to ensure your business is a strong, healthy, focused business which is on target for success.

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