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Staying At The Top: Designed for Business Leaders

"The organisation will only grow if the Executives at the top are growing as well!"
Sir John Harvey Jones

Under pressure, feeling isolated and looking for answers? Or on a mission to achieve some challenging business and personal goals? ROM provides a high level Mentoring, Coaching and development service for Business Owners, Directors and Partners at the top of the organisation. This confidential space is designed around the leader's and the organisation's objectives, ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your goals.

TURBO CHARGE YOUR BOARD - - This is a series of 6 mini Workshops designed to develop, re-energise and re-focus your Board members to drive the business forward. Ideal as a half day Workshop, OR as a 1 hour inspirational mini session as a precursor to your next Board meeting. The Workshop titles include:-

These Workshops/mini sessions can either be stand alone or taken as part of the full series.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY - A safe space to sound out challenges, explore ideas, potential solutions and opportunities
  • RESULTS - Building confidence and belief in the way ahead - and a secure plan to make it happen!
  • PERSONAL SUPPORT - Stress management, relief from isolation and anxiety - reassurance, focus and support to find solutions
  • SUCCESSION PLANNING - feel in control of the bigger picture, anticipate and pre-handle changes, secure longevity of the business, retain key people, board development, director development, exit planning
  • WORK 'ON' THE BUSINESS RATHER THAN 'IN' THE BUSINESS - ROM works with you to ensure that you are operating strategically and moving the business forward, rather than getting stuck in the detail
  • INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL IMPACT - What does your behaviour and language say about you? How to get the results you want by increasing your personal resilience and maximising your impact
  • ACQUIRE NEW SELF AWARENESS AND UNDERSTANDING - the difference that makes the difference in successful leaders. Identify new ways of communicating to get the results you want
  • RELEASE STUCK POINTS IN RELATIONSHIPS AND PERFORMANCE - new insight to yourself and others. How to bring new energy and clarity and move things on
  • IMPROVE TIME STRUCTURE BALANCE IN PERSONAL AND WORKING LIFE - how to stay feeling good at the top. Be more focused, relaxed and twice as effective

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Working closely with you, ROM facilitates all of the above. Get in touch with Caroline Suggett at ROM to explore how she can help you.

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